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»Opening address to MEPC is timely reminder of need for compromise

15/07/2011 Link:

IMO acts out of its own sensitivity and care about the environment, not because others say so

»MEPC needs to show progress

15/07/2011 Link:

There is a risk that agreeing an international solution for reducing carbon dioxide from shipping could be taken out of the IMO’s hands

»Australian shippers face initial $4m hit from carbon tax

15/07/2011 Link:

Knock-on effect on economic activity could hurt more, says Shipping Australia chief

»Brussels reminds shipping industry of need to solve C02 emissions by end of year

14/07/2011 Link:

Everything rides on adoption by IMO of benchmark energy efficiency design index

»At last, a green idea

13/07/2011 Link:

Is the European Climate Change Programme’s proposal to curb CO2 emissions using speed limits ahead of the curve?

»Europe contemplates a speed limit on the seas

12/07/2011 Link:

If the IMO fails to deliver on cutting greenhouse gas emissions, the European Union could intervene by enforcing mandatory slower steaming on ships destined for EU ports

»Climate change compromise deal could be cut at MEPC

11/07/2011 Link:

IMO poised to agree technical measures, but without immediate implementation or EU support

»Operational and technical measures can cut emissions

11/07/2011 Link:

If we are serious about fighting the effects of climate change, then we need a proposal that will deliver real, quantifiable and fast cuts in emissions without bankrupting shipping

»Enough is enough

11/07/2011 Link:

At the MEPC meeting this week, members need to put arguments behind them and address other pressing environmental topics that do not involve so much hot air

»Greenhouse gases risk overshadowing MEPC debate

11/07/2011 Link:

IMO must avoid overlooking other important measures next week



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